The Colors of the Gruesome MC

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This wiki will cover the history and timeline of "The Gruesome" motorcycle club. From its humble beginnings to its rise in both status, and reputation. This will also be a tool to expand your knowledge on Motorcycle Clubs (MC). So make sure you take a look around and introduce yourself to the "Grue Crew". Keep an eye out for the Gruesome 2some, or rather the 2 founding members of the club.

The Gruesome MCEdit

The Gruesome MC was founded in Macomb County, Michigan by Owen Pash and Evan Bouren in 2012. The two founders established the Motorcycle club with the intent to enjoy their freedoms and liberty, what better place to find that, than the open road. The Gruesome Crew is consisted of fairly laid back riders, all of which are loyal to a flaw. Passion and pride run deep in these colors.

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